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Sacramento No. 40 is dedicated to providing an enriching experience to our members. As a Sac40 member, you will be engaged in a number of programs that we provide to round out all aspects of your Masonic Journey. This can involve promoting charitable events and volunteer opportunities, Masonic education, and even awards programs to acknowledge those worthy brothers who are the most dedicated to the lodge. These programs provide a well-rounded experience for a Traditionally Observant Mason.


Traditional Observance Freemasonry

While many Masons may have heard about European Concept lodges, which are themselves a relatively new concept in American Freemasonry, few have heard of the Traditional Observance lodge. Traditional Observance lodge s are similar to European Concept lodges in that they also incorporate higher dues, festive boards, a strict dress code and higher standards of ritual, but differ in that they choose to follow a close observance of the traditional initiatic elements of Continental European and South American Freemasonry.
This observance is characterized by a solemn approach to holding stated communications and conferring degrees, the use of the Chamber of Reflection as part of the initiation ceremony, forming the Chain of Union after the meetings, longer time between degrees and the requirement for candidates to present a paper before the lodge on the lessons of each degree prior to advancement. Traditional Observance lodges are also more likely to use the term Agape rather than Festive Board to describe the meal which follows the meetings. Agape is the ancient Greek word for “love,” and in Freemasonry the term signifies a meal eaten in common by a congregation of Masons in token of Brotherly Love.

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Knight of the Blazing Star

The purpose of the Knight of the Blazing Star is to recognize members of Sacramento No. 40 who are active and participate in Masonic activities. All members of Sacramento No. 40 are eligible to become a Knight of the Blazing Star by becoming involved in events and activities conducted and sponsored by Sac40 as well as proof of activity with other lodges and charitable organizations with the authorization of the Executive Team. Becoming a Knight of the Blazing Star is attained by accumulating points and attending the presentation of the award. Family and friends will be welcomed to watch while you are recognized for your Masonic activity.
To become an active participant in the program members need only sign-in at every event and on the tilers registry.  The sign-in sheet will be located in the lounge room and tilers registry in the anteroom. Notice beforehand and proof of approved extra lodge functions such as volunteer or charitable work or visiting and/or taking part in another lodge’s functions will also reward points.

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